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In 1954 Erich Jaeger founded the JAEGER company in Würzburg, Germany. Dedicated to promoting decisive technological developments, especially in the field of data processing, he became famous as a pioneer of modern pulmonary function diagnosis among medical specialists. 

Thanks to his commitment, bodyplethysmography, which had been unknown at that time, is now regarded as one of the most important lung function measurements throughout the world.

Today JAEGER is part of the CareFusion company, propagating the same fundamental principles that inspired Erich Jaeger in the 1950's. CareFusion's Respiratory Diagnostics (RDx) division is active in over 120 countries and still headquartered in Würzburg, Germany as well as in the USA. It is an organisation with over 60 years' experience in providing innoative, robust solutions the field of pulmonary function testing.

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