Pyxis MedStation™ system

Automated medication management

Pyxis MedStation™ system from CareFusion is a leading automated dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management. Barcode scanning to help ensure accurate medication dispensing, features to prevent loading of the wrong medication and active alerts to provide an added safety precaution for high risk medications are just a few of the ways the Pyxis MedStation™ system can help your facility support safe and efficient medication management.

By taking full advantage of the Pyxis MedStation™ system, the Hospital of Saint Raphael was able to decrease their time to first dose by 94%, and free up pharmacist time to launch an anticoagulant management program in support of NPSG 3E.1

  • Maximize the security of high-risk and high-alert medications with the proprietary CUBIE™ pocket technology.
  • Integrate the Pyxis MedStation™ system with Pyxis™ Connect, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center saw a reduction in order turnaround time from 2.5 hours to 16 minutes.1
  • Increase medication availability through decentralized medication management. A study of seven hospitals indicates that as the number of medications managed through ADCs increases, the result is reduced time to first dose and fewer missing doses.2
  • Help decrease the risk of diversion and increase medication safety with the Med Analytics service for the Pyxis MedStation™ system.

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