Reducing Costs

Your top expense could be the answer to improving your bottom line.

For many hospitals, the most costly area is also the most critical-the Operating Theatre, which can account for up to 50% of total operating budgets1. Pyxis™ Perioperative Solutions provide a continuous return on investment by helping you manage supply inventory, capture patient charges by procedure where applicable, and improve case and revenue cycle management.

In fact, Pyxis™ technologies have been shown at one facility to eliminate up to 97% of lost charges2 by automating supply documentation-and at another to decrease the time spent on case costing by up to 93%3   And nowhere is that more important than the Operating Theatre, where financial performance often boils down to the average cost per case.

Reduce costs by:

  • Increasing accuracy of case costing
  • Efficiently managing the supply chain

  • Reducing stock-outs and diversion
  • Improving charge capture where applicable

Pyxis CIISafe™ system

Accurate and easily retrievable reporting data may help effectively manage controlled substance inventory. By providing automated tools for more effective controlled substance management, the Pyxis CIISafe™ system may help minimize costly reporting errors and increase tracking compliance.

Pyxis SupplyStation™ System

The Pyxis SupplyStation™ system from BD provides easy access to needed supplies on nursing floors and throughout your healthcare facility.

Pyxis MedStation™ system

Automated dispensing cabinet supporting the decentralized medication management process by providing an added safety precaution for medications often at risk of diversion.

Pyxis™ StockStation™ system

The Pyxis StockStation system addresses cost and space constraints for stockrooms, warehouses and clinical areas.

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